Five Proven Natural Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction which is predominately known as impotence is a sexual disorder that emanates by the inability to maintain an erection of the penis, it is sometimes confused with quick ejaculation which is a different medical condition entirely.

Take a walk

It is usually caused by some factors which could be traced down to lifestyle, diet, surgery etc. But one of the major causes is ageing. Many expert urologist have been looking for a permanent solution to this medical condition for many years but some expert has also found natural ways of combating ED. This paper will highlight five potential treatments to ED.

  1. Take a walk. For people who suffer from erectile dysfunction and obesity, it is recommended that they take at least 30 minutes' walk every day this helps cut down the risk of erectile dysfunction by 41% according to researchers in Harvard. So if you can't run you can take a walk instead so save yourself the risk today by taking a walk.
  2. Diet. As mentioned earlier in the introduction diet can either improve the sexual life of a person or do damages to the health of a person. A diet rich in vitamin B12 can boost the health which can, in turn, reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. A deficiency in vitamin B12 may contribute to erectile dysfunction; foods like fruit, vegetables, fish etc. are rich in vitamin B12. So eating a diet with the daily recommended dose of vitamin B12 can keep you away from the doctor.
  3. Reduce your size. Obesity can be defined as the state of being obese as result of excess fat in the body; people that are obese likely suffer from erectile dysfunction as a result of vascular diseases .the excess fats in the body may impede the hormones in the body which may increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. Shedding of the excess fat in the body will reduce the risks of erectile dysfunction.
  4. Regular exercise. When I say exercise I don't necessarily mean pushups, drilling, weight lifting, a simple exercise like yoga and stretching of the pelvic region can stimulate the right vein which can in turn trigger rigidity of the penile muscles.
  5. Quit smoking. Smoking causes damage to health by affecting any of the body part. The chemicals used in a cigarette can damage blood vessel’s lining and hence which can affect the penis blood vessels. “How?” An erection occurs by the expansion of the penis arteries and then the blood is filled when it receive signals from penis nerves. The nerves reacts on the sexual signals coming from brain and no matter the nerves works fine and if the blood vessels are not perfect because of smoking, this can result in increased chances of erectile dysfunction. A study has shown that that ED is more likely in men who smoke than men who don't. if you are a heavy smoker quitting will reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and living a healthy lifestyle will go a long way in your sexual life.