Smoking vs. ED – The Risks Involved

Recent studies have revealed that there is a connection between ED and smoking cigarettes. But how worse can it get? There is yet a lot to study about, but few new discoveries have been exposed. The more smoking done by a man, the more they are in danger of suffering from ED. ED occurs when a man is unable to sustain an erection for a long time to satisfy the spouse with the sexual performance. The new studies were conducted on more than 4700 males in China who were in the age group of 35-74 who have no history of blood disease and were active sexually in the last 6 months. This type of study was conducted for the first time on healthy men in contrast to those with high Blood pressure and other health condition which might have distorted the test results potentially.

The conclusions of the tests showed that smokers had a greater risk of more than 40% to develop ED than those men who didn’t smoke. And the more cigarette consumed by a person increased the potential risk of developing impotence. When a comparative study was done between non-smokers and smokers, those smokers who consumed 10 cigarettes in a day had only around 27% possibility whereas those who consumed 11-20 had a possible risk of 45% and those who consumed above 20 cigarettes in a day had a 65% greater risk of suffering from ED in contrast to those men who didn’t smoke. Taking the new study results in considerations, it can be calculated that Smoking contributes to about more than 20% of ED cases.

This study is very essential as it clearly shows the increased influence of smoking these days. It has also been found that even if the person decides of quitting smoking, the possible risk does not fade away. There are no benefits to start smoking or even carry on smoking, as these studies show that there are many issues accompanied with this bad habit. The 1st cigarette can be a quite distressing experience as a kid. But you start feeling dizzy and nauseate after the 1st one. This happens because the body responds to the poison consumed. Eventually, when these natural obstacles are overcome by a person, the risks of developing cancer, organ damage, emphysema and cardiac disease increases even more than impotence. It is calculated that even 1 lit cigarette reduces the life span of a person by 5-20 minutes.

Moreover, the impact of smoking on the body is very well understood by everyone. It is a strong addiction which is difficult to do away with for several people. But please keep in mind that smoking not only results in yellow teeth and wrinkled skin but also causes lung damage severely, greater chances of illness and even much more.

There are various online resources along with the American Cancer Society which will help you if you want to quit smoking. For some other people, it may need a slower speed for quitting.