Causes of impotence

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a common problem that is seen with men. It is a condition where the men do not have the right erection and also a condition where the erection does not last for a long time. The good thing is that there is nothing to worry about this sexual problem as the best treatments are available now.

What are the causes that lead to erectile dysfunction or impotence?

The drugs or pills that are used daily may lead to an impotence condition. The medicines used for depression, psychosis, hypertension and tranquilizers can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Another cause of erectile dysfunction or impotence is related to vascular problems. A good erection is possible only if there is a good flow of blood in the penis. If there is some problem in the vessels that carry blood, then there is a possibility of erectile dysfunction or impotence. Cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol levels and hypertension could lead to vessel damage.

impotence in MenImpotence or erectile dysfunction may also be caused because of nerve problems. Nerves are the carriers of impulses from the brain to the reproductive organs. Once the nerves get damaged, there would be a communication gap, which could lead to impotence or erectile dysfunction. People having cerebral infarction, Parkinson's and Alzheimers are liable to have erection problems. Moreover, damage during hernia operations and spinal cord injuries may also lead to impotence.

Diabetic persons are also liable to have problems with their erection. This is because the flow of blood into the penis in diabetic persons is decreased. As said earlier, a good erection happens only if there is a good flow of blood in the penis.

Another factor that could lead to erectile dysfunction or impotence is alcoholism and smoking. Alcohol can cause damage to the nerves. The nicotine present in cigarettes can block the easy flow of blood in the vessels.

Men having hormonal problems also lack sexual drive. Testosterone is the male hormone in the body that arises the sexual drive. Men having low levels of testosterone may have only an impaired erection.

Apart from the physical causes, there are also certain Psychological causes that may lead to erectile dysfunction or impotence. Depression, stress, unpleasant experience related to sex and anxiety are some of the Psychological issues that are related with a poor erection.