Impotence and Alcohol

Impotence is a condition in which men do not get the right erection and also fails to sustain the erection. Many factors such as physical and psychological factors are attributed to impotency. Alcohol is one such factor that leads to erecrtile deficiency in men; Alcohol and impotency are related.

Alcohol is known to slow down the body's response. Once the body's response is slowed down, the brain will find it hard to stimulate a healthy erection. Alcohol abuse disrupts hormone levels, especially testosterone and estrogen. The low level of testosterone means less sexual drive.

Long term alcohol usage will damage the nervous system and also impair the impulses between the pituitary gland and the genitals. It is the nervous system that triggers the signals that dilate and relax blood vessels in the penis. The penis will get good erection only if there is a continuous flow of blood in the penile region. If the blood vessels are not relaxed, there will never be a continuous flow of blood, which means the penis would not stand up.

Alcohol also brings in many behavioral changes. One such change is that it reduces the sex drive.

Well, there is nothing to worry if you have impotency as there are numerous treatments available. Drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra helps in getting the right erection. If people have vascular damage caused by alcohol, impotence injections are given.

Another thing is to give up the habit of alcohol consumption. Little doses of alcohol may not lead to erectile deficiency but if the doses increase, then there is the trouble of getting impotency.

Impacts of Alcohol: Difficult Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction

We all very know that alcohol influences the physical & social level but here we will talk about how alcohol influences the sexual life of a man. The negative effects of alcohol on the sexual life of man are based on the volume and frequency of alcohol consumption. The researchers have observed that there some adverse negative effects of alcohol on the sexual life functions of a man:

  • High Sexual Aggression
  • Decreased sexual desire
  • Trouble in Attaining & Sustaining erections
  • Trouble in Ejaculation
  • Infertility
  • Delayed Ejaculation
Effects Of Alcohol

Even though it is considered that little amount of alcohol raises desire and sociability & sexuality in males and females, and if the intake multiplies, the positive influences of alcohol tend to be negative. The chief issue in consuming alcohol is that erectile dysfunction is caused by it. Alcohol also causes Hypogonadism in males which imply a decreased or no release of hormones from gonads (sex organs).

After consuming alcohol heavily, if a man turns out well in attaining an erection, he may face trouble while ejaculation or he might be unable to sustain an erection. These issues continue in those men who are chronic alcohol consumers, these symptoms fade away as the alcohol departs from the body.

A scientific research conducted on 17000 alcoholic males, it was observed that after many years of no alcoholic drinks, half of them restored to standard erectile operation, and the remaining half were either completely or partially not able to attain an erection, also when they started experiencing sexual desire again. The alcohol abuse can be linked with even with deterioration of other medical conditions which are again accountable for triggering erectile dysfunction. These medical conditions are heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. Although the anti-impotence medications such as Viagra can be responsible in handling your ED in tough circumstances also, alcohol has the ability to smother your zeal.

True, the instructions for the intake of the ED drugs depend on the severe effect of alcohol. Thus, ensure that you take the medicines either with no alcohol or with not above 2 pegs of alcohol so that your recommended drug works efficiently and provides the required result.

Therefore, it is a request for all those who are verdant in sexual activity and sexual affairs, when you drink for more confidence & sociability, ensure that the intake is not more than 2 average pegs. If you consume alcohol, the chances of ED & delayed ejaculation are also increased. And also if you are highly intoxicated, the sexual desire is lost which implies that you will feel no enjoyment in lovemaking.

Sexual intercourse is something which one should enjoy with all 5 senses. Alcohol damages the senses and results in the inability of enjoyment and good performance in bed. No sex drug can assist you in having pleasurable sex when you are at the peak of intoxication. Try not to consume alcohol if you have sex all over your mind. Sex is more pleasurable and beneficial for you than alcohol.