Common Signs of Impotence or ED

Few men might face this disorder for a restricted time whereas some other men may face this problem for a long term. Usually it is diagnosed as Erectile Dysfunction if it is a constant and ongoing issue. Having said that, it may not take place every time a man desires of having sex but it takes place over an extensive duration of time repeatedly.

Signs of Impotence

If you face erection problems occasionally, then there is nothing to be serious. If the problem occurs slowly but worsens consistently, there’s might be a physical cause. Usually, this results in chronic impotence. If it occurs suddenly but you are erect in the early morning and can attain an erection during masturbation, then there might be psychological cause.

The signs of erectile dysfunction are:

  1. The inability of reaching a complete erection occasionally. If a man is capable of attaining an erection during sleep, it generally indicates that the symptoms occur as a consequence of some psychological issue.
  2. Attaining erections which are not rigid or strong and collapse very quickly, often during of before the act of sexual intercourse. This can indicate that the mechanism which is responsible in the blood flow in the penis is not properly in function and may represent an underlying circumstance possibly to be of cardiovascular origin.
  3. The inability to maintain rigidity throughout the complete sexual intercourse.
  4. The inability to attain erection at all.
  5. Experiencing erectile dysfunction can result in spermatorrhoea or premature ejaculation.
  6. Depression combined with ED (this can be related to medicines also).

These are some of the most usual signs of impotence and it can in fact be related to a huge number of health issues. A penis which is not able to erect when desired is a warning signal that things are not fine and diagnosis and treatment should be done soon.

Generally a man with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction visits a health care professional and discusses about his condition, a heart check up is done to make sure that there is no cardiac disease, as this is the major consequence seen in men suffering from impotence.

Another sign of erectile dysfunction is low testosterone. Those men who suffer from impotence have very low levels of testosterone.

For the proper evaluation of erectile dysfunction, a methodical medical and physical examination is conducted by the doctor along with lifestyle background and a complete medical history and also a broad sexual history is observed.