Remedy for Impotence

According to research, it has been proved that a high percentage of men face impotence but just a few of them seek medical attention, the majority are afraid to be open about the problem. This problem is mostly common in older men than young ones because as one grows older, many become dull, lack of practice makes the body and genital organs weak. There is no proper cure for impotence but rather some ways that will help you avoid it like eating healthy foods and taking drugs that do not cause the problem.

Drinking, smoking and drug abuse can also cause erectile dysfunction and it is therefore advisable to quit these bad habits like taking nicotine, drinking alcohol and smoking or replace the habits with healthy meals and drink slot of juice to replace alcohol. Overweight is also not good because if you are overweight you will not be active in bed thus reducing your desire hence leading to erectile dysfunction. It is recommended that you do exercises most of the times and avoid foods that will make your body too heavy to exercise - like fatty foods.

There should be a lot of intake of zinc because zinc is very important to all internal processes as well as support to the immune system, therefore men with erectile dysfunction problems should eat foods with a lot of zinc. Always eat whole, fresh and unprocessed food that has vitamins and minerals. Also include fruits like berries to support vascular integrity in your system while avoiding sugar, dairy products, refined foods as well as junk foods.