Ways of Using Tadalafil

Tadalafil is one of the leading ED treatment drugs in the world. It is known by many brand names, the most popular ones being Cialis and Tadacip. It stands out from the other popular ED treatment drugs due to it's longer half-life (generally regarded as the time a drug stays in the bloodstream), leading to longer lasting effects. Tadalafil isn't a "one-off" hit for immediate and limited results. It's longer effects mean that you can enjoy the benefits of Tadalafil for up to a day and a half. This has also lead to the regular treatment with Tadalafil (small doses daily), to promote it's long lasting effects into a general lifestyle improvement. With day-to-day small dosage uses, you can ensure readiness at any time, unlike having to wait for an hour or so in order to be able to perform in the bedroom, as is the case with other popular ED treatment medications.

Tadalafil work against erectile dysfunction

Users have also reported that Tadalafil has not only helped them with ED issues, but also enhanced performance and enjoyment in the bedroom, for both them and their partners. With other ED treatment medications, administration of the drug has to be around 2-3 hours before intercourse, which can have adverse effects on your love life - scheduling everything and planning in advance can take out some of the passion that lies in spontaneous intercourse. Here is where Tadalafil best comes into it's own - with an estimated half life of 17.5 hours, and effects lasting up to 36 hours, you can take a pill way before an expected session of lovemaking, and enjoy the effect not just through the following day, but through part of the next one. This has earned Tadalafil and it's many brand name variations the nickname "the weekend drug", basically signifying that you can take a dose of Tadalafil on Saturday, and enjoy it's effects until the end of the weekend.

The second way of using Tadalafil, as a regular, day-to-day treatment, means that you take small doses each day, and instead of one big burst of energy for the weekend, you are ready and able to perform all week long. However, people suffering from side-effects of the drug may prefer the one-off method of usage, before expected sexual encounters, to reduce the side-effects Tadalafil may cause.

Another benefit of using Tadalafil is the fact that it has nearly no adverse reactions with food or drink. Of course, heavy alcohol consumption is not recommended, due to both alcohol and Tadalafil's ability to lower the blood pressure, and grapefruit or grapefruit juice should be avoided while using Tadalafil. These however, are pretty minor limitations, which makes Tadalafil easier and safer to use. However, as with any other medication, it is best to consult a medical professional before using Tadalafil, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions, or are using other medications to treat other conditions. Seeing how, at the moment of writing,an over-the-counter version of the drug is still not approved, you will need to consult a medical professional any ways before obtaining a prescription for Tadalafil