Learn to Live Through And Not Hurry Through Life

In any society, the rules as well as the social norms are compartmentalized in such a ways as to ensure smooth functioning of family, neighborhood, community and the society at large. We all are largely conditioned to fall into the roles that are laid down by the society and fall into the expectations very easily because we grow up seeing others around us following the traditions. Thus the social norms are the boundaries or parameters that ensures continuation of family as an institution.

Irrespective of class, creed or social status, the roles of men and women is family are well defined. While man is required to go out and earn for a living and feed the entire family, the woman bears children, raises them, looks after the entire family, keeps the home. While doing so she takes on many roles as mother, wife, and daughter in law besides becoming the cook, the maid, doctor and conscience keeper of the family.

Man on the other hand is busy earning all the time and focusing on building wealth and assets to fund for children's education as well as other expenses. Most men start working around the age of 25 and continue to work until the age of sixty or sometimes until they drop down dead. Their attention is solely on their career and management of finances besides may be some interest in sports or watching TV etc. Not many people keep abreast of what is happening in the medical field and how it can affect them. Perhaps expecting such knowledge from men may not be a good idea.

While having to chase career, having to pay the EMI for Mortgage, plan for children’s education and the running behind money to keep abreast of the ever increasing need for money, often makes one forget about self and many decades pass by until such time that the children grow up and leave home when another phase of life unfolds. By this time, the busy schedule often keeps men away from having to spend time exercising and keeping fit.

It is during this period of thirties to fifties that men should give attention to their physical health. Normally one gets out of the house, steps into the car and there is absolutely no exercise of any sort. Coupled with this, the weekend parties, drinking, meat and other fat foods add to the midriff. Everyone believes that he is healthy and that he needs to worry about keeping fit after his retirement. But unawares, lifestyle diseases are catching up with such individuals. Sudden one starts feeling tired, dizzy and having trouble getting sound sleep, frequent urination and coupled with physical symptoms, emotionally too appear symptoms like restlessness, anxiety and unexplained irritation. When it gets too much and starts disturbing others at home and in office is when he goes to the doctor and is put on a salt free and sugar free diet, advised fatless diet with sufficient crabs and less of fat. He is advised to walk at least an hour a day. This is the first brush with the reality that his body can go out of order. Therefore he starts following the strictly the prescribed treatment and depending upon ones life's challenges, either it slowly peters down and the old habits return back to claim the daily life.

After a few months he or his wife finds that they are not able to enjoy anymore a physical intimate life that they always shared. This causes panic and both rush to the doctor who finds that the man is undergoing andro pause, a menopausal symptom similar to what the women go through and coupled with it he is suffering from erectile dysfunction. The revelation has a disastrous effect on the couple and especially on the man and affects his ego badly.

This distress is short-lived as the doctor prescribes hormone replacement therapy besides daily oral medication of Cialis. As soon as he starts the treatment, there is a perceived improvement in the physical and emotional wellbeing and more importantly the man is cured of erectile dysfunction and is able to resume his physical relationship. An ego is saved, a relationship is saved and a family is saved due to Cialis, the wonder pill.

All men who are running a busy life with no time for self and home, this article is for you.