Men without friends have more trouble in life

Every relation in our life is important and every relation has its own importance. Without these relation, a man can loss their social life and social activities which effects the growth of a person. In this regard, friends are also one part of the social relation. It a common proverb, a friend in need is a friend in deed. It is always true because each friend relay on the other friend depending on his importance. Social activities remain alive with each other but on the other hand man suffer from different sort of problem without friends. According to the latest research, it has been seen that patient suffer a lot from different kind of problems like stroke and depression without any social activities. Researcher found that man suffers more from mental health sickness due to the deficiency of social activities in which friend interaction plays a vital role. More man was found with anxiety that was isolated and lonely in his casual life. These diseases problem become too much high as five times more when they suffer from less social activities especially with friends. As a result high blood pressure and heart disease affects the man’s health which may lead to the death. Psychological distress becomes too much high in a man life when he has no anyone for sharing such problems. According to the report of Byondblue, 25 percent man among 30 suffered a lot from such problems because they had not any friends fro sharing such things and there aged were 65 years. On the other hand, 37 percent men were unhappy because their relationship was not enough strong which can connect them emotionally. It is noted that many of the man has too close friends and they do not feel any kind of hesitation while sharing any problem. Many of them accept that they still do not know that how to initiate in such type of conversation or how to respond a friend when he shares any problem with them, researcher added. Dr Stephen said that social relation provides a protection around the mental health like stress and depression. It proves too much helpful in diffusing such type of problems. He added that all of the middle age men not suffer from such kind of problems because they believe that they will do better in the long run with friends. Now the question arises that why friendship become difficult in the older age. In such scenario, culture and expectations norms were indentified though these do not provide a proper explanation. Moreover changes in family circumstances, or financial issues, or changes in work, or people moving away from where they grew up, or middle-aged men not keeping up with sport and losing contact with that group of friends are the main reasons for losing friendship in older age, Dr Carbone added. Man should always remain in a social life and try to make good friends by keeping a regular interaction. Some specialist suggests that man should open up too and should not compare their bonds with women.