Love, A Many Splendored Thing

If you ask a young man about his relationship with his girlfriend, he is likely to have a different opinion with regard to the relationship as compared to a married man who has been married for a decade or so. When it comes to human relationships especially that of a spouse or girlfriend, calls for managing a relationship.

While it is true that two individuals like each other and fall in love with each other, it is difficult to describe this feeling of love. There can be a good chemistry between the two, the attraction could be based more on the physical attraction or the two might find themselves as two good friends who think alike and have same opinions or view points which makes it comfortable for them to be with each other. There are many who connect with the other person in what is called as soul connection. Bonds are no doubt forged and promises made and a life long journey begins.

Once married the relationship definitely changes. The beginning phase normally what is called the honey moon period is all about discovering each other and giving joy to each other, putting forward one’s best behavior and finding the required compatibility. Once this stage is over the couple begin to get back into their normal life and their original personalities and traits and the focus shifts from the relationship back to their career or other interests.

In most cases with arrival of the children, the partners get busy raising the children and working to provide for them. They loose track of time as well as stop spending personal time with each other. The family, home does provide them the emotional security required and the personal needs take a back seat.

The emotional needs of men and women are quite different. Women are generally emotionally sensitive and hence their demands on the spouse are likely to be more. One can say that the color of love or the definition of love changes over the life time. What attracted one to another in the beginning will be forgotten and as both live through their life, their concept of love and its meaning for each one changes with time.

Physical relationship and a fulfilling sexual life is very important ingredient of any marriage or a relationship. For women especially the feeling of love comes from and is enhanced by the physical intimacy that she shares with the husband. Her emotional needs are also managed and sought to be reassured from a physical act such as hugging or holding hands which makes her feel protected and safe. Many men do understand these while some do not understand especially if they are stronger on the logic and reasoning front and weaker on the emotional front.

When both the partners are in the middle age, their priority in life may be their family and other things, but there still exists a need for a full filling physical relationship which works as a solution for the emotional well being too. Women find it necessary man times to be reassured that they are physically as attractive as they were and that they are desirable. Men at such times might be undergoing mid life crises and find themselves low on sexual drive or facing problems with erectile dysfunction which happens in most cases. This is a very crucial and delicate period where both partners head for the next phase of their life. Women might undergo menopause and would require medical help with hormonal treatment to keep their emotions at bay as well as take care of their physical health with change in lifestyle and balancing nutritional requirements. Men might need a change of lifestyle too and probably need a treatment of Cialis to be able to over come the erectile dysfunction and continue to enjoy a healthy physical relationship.

This is the time for both partners to rediscover the meaning of love. It is only with each other's support and a loving relationship that the meaning of love will begin to be known and appreciated. Everyone gets a chance to find love in everyday life, but one needs to look for it and experience it.