Erectile Dysfunction Pills and Eyesight

There is a particular website where a man can file a claim if he loses his eyesight after consuming a very popular ED (erectile dysfunction) pill.

The men who are more than 30 years of age and are suffering from erectile dysfunction must reconsider taking erectile dysfunction pills. Since past few years many men from across the globe claimed that taking erectile dysfunction pills caused a loss of their eyesight and worse, total blindness.

University of Minnesota is studying and studying such victims. These victims lost their eyesight after using popular erectile dysfunction pill. The male impotence research states that the medications used for treating erectile dysfunction leads to tiny strokes just behind the eyes which causes temporary or complete blindness.

The question here arises that is it really worth taking the erectile dysfunction pills at the cost of losing eyesight? Let’s find out


Better Ways to Treat Impotence

The men suffering from erectile dysfunction suffer a lot of embarrassment. The men who are not in their 20s, do not stop thinking like a 20 year old man and hence, performing in bed in still important to them. But, in the past 70 years, the society has changed a lot. Men today, live a sedentary lifestyle.

Today, a man does not take care of his health. Today, the responsibility to take care of the health of a man is handed over to his doctors or the prescription companies, unlike the older people who used to visit the doctor not more than three of four times in their lifetime because they took care of their health themselves. The men, who have an able body, do not fall prey to such issues. They lead a healthy life and brim with confidence just like a 20 year old guy.

Natural Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction or Male Impotence

There is a popular erectile dysfunction pill that can lead to temporary to permanent blindness. But, it can be avoided by adopting the natural ways to treat erectile dysfunction or male impotence. There are step- by- step natural remedies that guarantee a complete solution to erectile dysfunction and the best thing is that the remedies are completely natural.

Here are the four best tips to get rid of erectile dysfunction:

  • Ginkgo

Ginkgo supplements are available at almost all the health food stores. It helps in boosting the blood flow in the penile veins and arteries. This reverses impotence.

  • A good diet is important

Taking a healthy diet is of utmost importance. Taking a diet loaded with cholesterol (foods that are high in fat) can clog the arteries. If a man takes a healthy diet, he can witness the positive changes in himself in a week or even less.

  • Portions

The meal portion is quite important as it might help the metabolism. But, if not paid attention, it could also hamper the metabolism, energy level as well as circulation. Eating smaller portions about five times a day is the best option.

  • Breathing Exercise

It increases circulation and a good circulation helps in erectile dysfunction.

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