Erectile dysfunction does not allow the man to have sex

There is a famous saying that “Health is wealth”. People say it is right but they do not try to follow it. I have seen many people who spend more than 8 hours in their office work and give no time to their health. They not even go for morning walk and eat healthy food. When they face any kind of health ailment, they take medicines without consulting to any doctor. Their carelessness and wrong attitude towards the treatment of health ailment leads them towards severe destruction. It is advised to people that they should also think about their own health apart from earning money. For this purpose, you must do some healthy activities. What are the healthy activities which can be done easily? Well, there are some many but you can include morning and evening walk, running, cycling and working out at gym in these healthy activities. Every person finds enough time to perform these activities. These activities guarantee a healthy and long life of a person.

A person faces many health problems in his entire life. Some health problems are treated with great ease and some need proper attention. There are some people who face sexual problems in their life and do not share this problem with their family doctors. They take it as embarrassing thing and try to hide it from their family friends. So when they do not go for their sexual problem treatment, they find many problems related to their marriage life etc. To avoid such things, it is necessary for the person to discuss about the sexual problem with his family doctor so that he can start his treatment without any delay.

Have you ever heard about sexual dysfunction in men? If not, then this article is going to tell you about the things of great importance regarding sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction in a man is a problem in which he cannot do sex with his partner because he cannot get penile erection. Since the affected person is unable to get penile erection, that is why this sexual dysfunction is also called as erectile dysfunction. The person who is having this problem is called as impotent. An impotent person feels normal as far as concerned about other things but when it comes to sexual intercourse, he is not available for this. In past, such people remain depressed due to this problem but now its treatment is available. Medicines like Viagra and Cialis are being used by the people for erectile dysfunction treatment and they are very happy with it. The victim of ED can use any of these medicines and can get 3-4 hours erection of penis which is enough to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. The causes of erectile dysfunction are spinal cord injury, heart problem, depression, stress, diabetes and high blood pressure. To avoid erectile dysfunction, the man has to avoid these causes which have become very common. It is only possible when the man spends his leisure time with friends to keep himself happy and does healthy activities to avoid diabetes, heart problem and high blood pressure.