Erectile Dysfunction and Endothelial Dysfunction

There are several risk factors for cardiovascular issues or illness. These males must understand that erectile dysfunction is somewhat linked to endothelial dysfunction.

In endothelial dysfunction, the cell lining the inner part of the blood vessels including the veins and the arteries and also the innermost lining of heart gets compromised. Many scientists are of the opinion that this is a very important step towards the development of atherosclerosis or the hardening of arteries in the males.

This condition keeps the arteries from dilating (widening) completely while doing physical efforts like performing sex. This leads to severe medical complications as the blood keeps away from flowing and this leads to a lack of oxygen in the heart and also the other body parts including penis. The condition where the penis gets affected is known as ED or erectile dysfunction.

The diagnosis of ED is largely done by questioning by specialists or physicians. And due to this, the endothelial compromise isn’t psychological in its character. The physician when told about the complaint of ED begins to doubt endothelial dysfunction as the major issue.

The main reason behind the occurrence of the inability to get and maintain erection due to endothelial dysfunction is involvement of chemical actions that revolve around the substance called nitric oxide. Also, known as NO, a lack of nitric oxide is the major reason why mistakenly men blame themselves or the other for their condition.

Endothelial Dysfunction

The medical specialists succeeded in ruling out that there are certain lifestyle changes that cause an improvement in erectile dysfunction as well as endothelial dysfunction. There are certain drugs that that support the body in combating endothelial dysfunction. Fortunately, in majority of cases the erectile dysfunction gradually disappears.

Ed is basically a vascular disease that involves heart and the blood vessels. They are the commonest cause of this issue. Also, they respond to the quality, and consistency of the therapies and treatment. The male should make sure that the physician is also paying heed to vascular causes.

The men should not rush to get the very famous little blue pill once they suspect ED. They should look for the underlying cause that might be related to the inner lining of blood vessels that dare not letting NO reach the important parts including penis.

ED is not all evil; it can be looked as the first step to catch vascular disorder. Many men fail to understand this and they fall prey to stress, embarrassments and shame. Man should not blame himself or his partner for the problems. He should see the silver lining surrounding the dark cloud.

Once the man figures out that he has an erectile dysfunction, he should not panic and feel low. The first thing to do after experiencing ED is to consult the doctor and talk to him about the issue. Vascular disease cause serious complications. It can cause some long term issues and hence, consulting the doctor as soon as possible is a must.