Curing Erectile Dysfunction Without Drugs

How your erectile conditions can be treated without the use of medications

It is very important to note that your erectile condition is not a thing that affects you alone, erectile dysfunction problems are faced by many men at any age range, therefore don't get worried over it. ED can occur as a result under so many factors among which is medication, pornography usage, untreated medical situation, poor health habit etc.

Curing Without Drugs

Erectile dysfunction is can be defined as the inability of man to get and retain erection long enough to make sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can result based on two major factors which is either through physical or psychological condition. There are various methods and ways of treating it, here in this article you shall learn the tips for reducing erectile dysfunction without medical medications. These tips are:

  • Is your ED caused through situation or biological condition? - you must get to know how your erectile dysfunction really stated, is it through situational or biological means?, things like you drinking too much, being nervous/anxious can lead to situational cause of erectile dysfunction, while high blood pressure, cholesterol level which can affect your ability to get or retain erection are biological cause of ED. Therefore you must avoid all the bad habits such as heavy drinking as well as putting yourself under nervous situations, regular medical check ups to help in checking your blood pressure and other biological causes can tremendously reduce erectile dysfunction.
  • Are you waking up with erection? - this is another tip in curing your erectile dysfunction. If you happens to be waking up every morning with erection, then your ED is situational, but if you are not waking up with erection, then it means that your ED is biological, and you may require some help from an expert urologist or a family practice doctor to guide you on the best medications to use.
  • Are you using pornography to masturbate? -a lmost all men at one point or the other due masturbate. if you happens to masturbate very regularly to stimulating porn, then it will be very difficult for you to get aroused in the bedroom with your spouse. Watching of pornographic video is very stimulating and in many situations men have a problem trying to create such same arousal level with their partner. you should try as much as possible to stop this habit and you will discover some changes in your erectile dysfunction condition.
  • Get enough stimulation before sex - a lot of men don't like the idea of kissing or smooching before sex, after a minute or two of kissing then straight into sex. You should try as much as possible to get enough stimulation before sex; inadequate stimulation can really result in you having high level of erectile dysfunction.
  • Get a cork ring - if you can get erection but have problem of retaining it, you should get a cork ring or penis ring which you will put during sexual intercourse in or over your penis or testicle, this helps in trapping the blood to remain in your penis and keeps it harder for longer retention of erection. Cork ring is very cheap and can be purchased at 5$ in a sex store or online any way that suites you.