Anxiety as the Worst Enemy of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the persistent or repeated inability to achieve sufficient stiffness of the penis, and maintain it the time necessary to achieve a satisfactory sexual relationship. The term refers only to the erection capacity of the penis and does not imply sexual desire disorders, ejaculation or orgasm. In order to determine the existence of erectile dysfunction, the condition must be prolonged for a minimum of three months.

According to different studies, cases increase as age increases. So it might seem that the organic factor is the main cause of erectile dysfunction since aging increases the appearance of risk factors that can lead to an affectation of the male sexual response.


One of the main causes that trigger erectile failure is performance anxiety or the "fear of not measuring up". This type of fear is caused by many false beliefs about sexuality. The man of today, both heterosexual and homosexual is forced at all times to be like a conductor, where the pleasure of the other depends on one and the magic wand par excellence to give pleasure, the penis. Of course, during the work, nothing can fail because nothing less than manliness is at stake.

As per the study, anxiety is a physiological response that has immediate effects on the sexual response. The frustration that this situation generates in many men causes the appearance of the following symptoms, which confirm the presence of anxiety:


The erectile difficulty is usually related to situations where you have the possibility to penetrate. It usually occurs in very specific situations, which would rule out the organic factor, such as putting the condom, undressing, presence of another person, just before penetration, during penetration or even in other sexual practices such as oral sex, anal sex, masturbation mutual or alone, even in preliminaries. As time goes by, the problem may worsen and may occur in more situations.


Continued erectile failure predisposes the man to maintain attention to his own penis, distracting himself from erotic stimuli, continuously evaluating his erection and increasing his anxiety levels.


The continuous losses of erection generate a high degree of frustration and discomfort at the same moment that occurs, ending the sexual relationship completely.


After a time of evolution of the problem, the man begins to avoid those situations that generate anxiety and loss of erection.

Morning erections:

In most cases, of erectile dysfunction due to performance anxiety, the man has spontaneous erections, during the sleep phase. The man usually realizes these erections when getting up in the morning or waking up in the middle of the night.

Erectile dysfunction is a multifactorial problem where anxiety is the factor that is present in almost all cases. Because models of sexual activity mark what the logical sequence of sexual relations is, what are those models? Well, basically, those of pornography. It seems that sex is what we see in "porn". Of course, when a difficulty such as erectile dysfunction appears, it is very difficult to reproduce this model of sexual activity, so the actors are left without enjoying the encounter.