Fewer drinks are enough to feel effects in men with HIV

Many researchers at VA Pittsburgh and Yale Healthcare system did an analysis on how much the men with HIV infection are affected by alcoholic drinks. In their research, they finalized one result that people having HIV infection are more susceptible to alcoholic attack.

A journal AIDS and Behavior published the probability of being high due to drinks is high in those people who are suffering from HIV AIDS. Researchers reveal that HIV and alcohol can dangerous mixture. After drinking alcohol, the chances of getting HIV are higher because of risky sexual behavior. A person having alcohol regularly cannot take medications and thus it increases the harmful effects of HIV infection. Drinking also harms the immune and liver system of body.

In order to check alcohol effects on HIV patients, the Yale team enrolled 2600 men in the Veterans Aging Cohort Study and analyzed results. In their study, they asked uninfected and infected men of HIV infection that after how many drinks they started feeling high or buzz. Moreover, researchers also compared the results between HIV infected people and those with suppressed HIV.

This study revealed that HIV infected people are more vulnerable to alcoholic effects as compare to uninfected men. The above mentioned experiment on 2600 people showed that HIV infected people got high from quarter alcohol drink than similar uninfected men. These results were quite strange for the researchers because they were not expecting such a difference. After this, researchers deduced that HIV infections decrease the tolerance level in men and thus he gets buzz more quickly than normal men.

This study has not yet explained the reason behind this. Researchers are not clear whether alcohol concentration increases in bloodstream of HIV infected people or they are actually vulnerable to alcohol because these both could be the reasons behind being high after drinking alcohol.