Erectile Dysfunction and Inflammation

Erectile as well as inflammation can haunt a man at any age. But, it is a notion that it is a problem that only older men face. This is not the truth. If the man is totally healthy, he will not suffer from erectile dysfunction irrespective of his age.

It is an underlying health problem that is caused due to chronic inflammation. It is the causative factor of this issue. Generally, when the men get older, some amount of plaque is formed inside their arteries partly blocking them. This is a major cause of the cardiac diseases, diabetes, stroke as well as erectile dysfunction.

ED and Inflammation

Not only the plaque deposition, but the routine habits of any man are also to be blamed for the development of erectile dysfunction. There are certain bad habits that majority of men have that lead to deterioration of their overall health along with the development of erectile dysfunction.

Both inflammation as well as erectile dysfunction can be due to any of the following habits that are common:

  • Excessive smoking
  • Taking excessive alcohol
  • Obesity
  • Eating unhealthy and inflammatory food
  • Lack of regular exercise
  • Gingival diseases

If a man is diabetic, his susceptibility of getting erectile dysfunction increases by leaps and bounds. Also, if a man underwent a bladder surgery in the past or had prostate cancer, he is very likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is no more an incurable condition. It can be treated effectively and completely. The invention of drugs like Cialis and many other to mention, have made is very easy to treat erectile dysfunction effectively. Not only this, Cialis has also contributed in taking this heath issue out of closet. Earlier, it was a big taboo but, fortunately, the people are understanding and accepting it as normal and there is no big stigma attached to it anymore.

Going a little back in the past, men were very hesitant in discussing their erectile dysfunction. They would easily their other ailments but, never mention a single word regarding erectile dysfunction.

Apart from popular erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis, there are several other remedies like herbal remedies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. One can see various TV commercials that promote them.

The best thing about using herbal remedies is that they are completely natural. All the natural ingredients are used in preparing them. While on the other hand, the prescription drugs come have a lot of drawbacks and come with long warning list.

If a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, he must consider his doctor. Get the inflammation checked. C- reactive protein test is the best investigation to rule out chronic inflammation. It is mere a blood test that can be easily carried out at the doctor’s clinic.

Erectile dysfunction and inflammation are signals that indicate that something is wrong inside the body. Instead of wasting time, one should consult the doctor and take proper treatment to eradicate the erectile dysfunction.