Beauty And The Human Form

Where there is a beauty, there is also the beast. This is not only true in the movies but if you look at the human beings and what makes them different from one another, you will know and recognize that each one of the individuals is unique and is made differently.

All of us want to be beautiful and perfect. We all want to be recognized, appreciated and cherished by the others. This is a basic human trait that is common to both women as well as men. You may believe that when it comes to beauty, it is only the women who are so beauty conscious and that only women and beauty go together. But the truth is far from this. At the very basic level every human beings wants to be beautiful. Now what do we mean by beautiful will vary from person to person depending upon his own view points. While someone may look at the physical attributes and the physical beauty, the others might think of the persona as a beautiful personality. Between the beauty of the physical form and the persona, there are a lot of attributes that contribute to the personality.

If we agree that the basic desire of every individual is to be beautiful and to be noticed by the others, then we will also recognize the fact that everybody is different and is endowed differently by nature. Physical beauty or the physical characters vary from one individual to another. But all of us have the mental picture of a perfect handsome figure as being perfect and beautiful and tend to measure ourselves against our perceived model. It is but true that men are very conscious of their physical appearance and beauty of their body. The physical attributes and personality of the person plays an important part in making or breaking his personality as well as his self esteem.

Not everybody is perfect in terms of their physical features. Each one is likely to have one or the other shortcoming. Knowing that our physical body is not our making but the gift of nature and genetics, we still determine our self identity on our physical appearance. A body who is short is likely to grow up with a huge complex. Similarly those boys who are fat or those who are bald are likely to develop different complexes and mental attitudes that effect their personality. These built up and perceived attitudes of shortcomings affect the growth of the personality adversely. Same goes for the girls too. Girls too have an idea of a perfect beauty and measure themselves against their perceived standards.

At a different level our concept of beauty is also related to our concept of love. Two individuals fall in love with one another and find each other beautiful. Despite each ones personality defects or physical shortcomings, they are likely to appreciate the beauty in each other.

End of it, all human beings are like the flowers of nature. Each flower being of different hue, texture, design and fragrance, each human being is differently beautiful. We are all expressing our inner divinity in the form of physical beauty.