8 Musts for a Man’s Sex Life

Do you believe that your sex life is infallible? You should rethink – occasional erection issues can be caused by anything from a night out boozing to bedroom jitters.

But for the 10% men with long term ED, can anything be done to prevent ED? To keep ED from attacking, follow this prevention guide step-by-step:

  1. Say No to bad Habits: Stop smoking. For men below 40 years of age, smoking is the biggest reason of ED. This is due to the fact that keeping up the erection needs a healthy blood flow, and nicotine contracts the blood vessels resulting in the shrinking of the penis. The more you smoke, the harder it is to cure or treat erectile dysfunction.
  2. More Movement: Daily exercise is essential for both your blood circulation and heart and due to this; it is also a major way to prevent ED. Daily exercise may enhance the blood circulation to the penis, along with the other body parts. Needless to mention, working out elevates your energy, reduces stress, decreases blood pressure, makes you look good and attractive and helps you sleep tight – which are all aids for avoidance of erectile problems.
  3. Eat these foods: Many studies reveal that high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes are related to erectile dysfunction. As a healthy balanced diet is the best way to avoid these diseases, it is important to eat healthy for your sexual life too.
  4. Reduce alcohol intake: Definitely boozing reduces stress – but alcohol in high quantity proves to be a depressant. More alcohol results in the more likeliness to develop ED. This effect is increased with age, so older men should avoid high intake of alcoholic drinks.
  5. Protect your penis: Even though the penis is not a bone, it can break/fracture. The penis fractures when the penile chamber filled with blood ruptures during erection – this can be a prime cause of erection issues.
  6. Brush your teeth: It appears that ED and severe gum disease have many of the same risk factors. In a new study, 80% men with severe ED also had chronic gum disease. Keep your mouth germ-free by brushing, flossing and frequent dental visits is another way to maintain your sex life.
  7. Get Proper Sleep: Fatigue might damage your sex life – so getting proper relaxation before sexual intercourse proves to be good. But if you are tussling to get proper sleep and feel exhausted during the day, you could develop sleep apnea (a condition in which the person makes very noisy snoring and periods of interrupted breathing). Studies reveal that men with ED are two times more vulnerable to have sleep apnea, so talk to your doctor.
  8. Kick your feet back: Anxiety and sex are recurrent contributors to the problem of erection. This is because stress is responsible for the secretion of stress hormones that is bad for your blood circulation because it causes the contraction of blood vessels. Find ways to decrease stress to prevent ED.