Tadalafil For Prostate Gland Enlargement

Urination usually occurs when a bladder is full. The urine passes freely through a tiny tube called the urethra, but in the case of an enlarged prostate gland this because a bit more difficult. Prostate gland enlargement also known as benign prostrate hyperplasia is a medical condition, which causes the prostate gland to increase in size, which in turn rests on the bladder causing urination problems. It is commonly found in old men, but is benign and can be treated with tadalafil. The only cause of this condition is aging; this happens by the gradual multiplication of the cells, till it begins to cut off the urethra which urine passes through. Another effect of a blocked bladder is the inability to completely empty it. This happens with the continuous thickening of the muscles, leading to involuntary contractions even when it is not completely full. Some other symptoms of BPH include wanting to urinate almost always and inability to urinate as fast as was normally possible.

Prostate Gland

There is usually no pain involved in the symptoms, which might make it seem like there is no need for an urgent treatment, but an untreated BPH could ultimately lead to UTI's, blood in the urine, and the inability to urinate. When it becomes impossible to urinate, a visit to the emergency room is very important

Tadalafil can be used to treat benign prostrate hyperplasia and is given in 5mg pills to be taken at the same time every day. It works by relaxing the muscles of the bladder and the prostrate, allow for an ease in the flow of urine. Tadalafil should not be taking more than once a day, not even if a dose has been missed. In the case of missed dosage, the pill can be taken only if the time lapse is not overly huge, and close to the next dosage. Overdose issues should always be treated in the emergency room.

People with medical conditions such as heart failure should steer clear of tadalafil, and any medication being taken should be given as information to the doctor, before being prescribed the drug. People with pre-existing vision problems should inform the doctor before being put on tadalafil. Other information such as history of liver or kidney problems, deformities in the anatomy of the penis, blood cell disease, recent stroke or heart attacks and recent surgeries should be discussed with the doctor before prescription.

There are some things to consider, when taken tadalafil such as;

  • Tadalafil can be taken before meals or after meals, without splitting the tablets.
  • Taking the medication with alcohol or grapefruit could cause some side effects.
  • Allergic reactions should be met with a visit to the emergency room; symptoms include hives, breathing problems and several body parts swelling up.
  • While some side effects such as nausea or nasal congestion with time, others such as dizziness or loss of vision have to be met with precautionary measures and in a serious case, a visit to the doctor.