My Experiences with Cialis

I have just been on the internet for the last six hours continuously and have just switched off with a big thanks to the techies who invented this wonder. Internet has made my life literally. When i think of how i signed up for training from a local institute to take lessons on internet it makes me laugh. You look at today’s kids, they seem to be born with the knowledge of internet and take it to like the ducklings to water.

I am probably the only man who can proudly claim that i gave up my job to look after my kids at home. When my children were born, it was a conscious decision that we , myself and my wife a paediatrician by profession made that i would play the role of the mother to stay back at home to raise our kids. But that does not mean that i stop working. I quit my full time office job and started working as a project consultant from home. Since then internet has been my lifeline. My work mostly starts once the kids have gone to bed. Most of my clients and projects are on the other part of the world which wakes up when we go to bed and so it is very convenient for me to manage my work as well as home.

Internet and technology is something that has made my life what it is today. It took a while for me to be able to find my footing on the net. But once i understood how things work, i was able to quickly make my mark and find the markets. Over the next one year i managed to establish myself. I have set up an elaborate setup in my study room complete with my laptop, backup desktop with all in one scanner, printer and fax machine. I have a good set of speakers, headphones as well as extra hard disk so that i can conduct my business as well as my personal things from my office.

It is simply amazing that i can tap internet for anything and everything. When i want to look up for a recipe or to look for a bed time story for my sons to paying my bills and doing all of my financial transactions online, i have been able to do everything from the comfort of my home. If you think that because my wife is a doctor i call her when i find something wrong with my kids, you could be far from truth. I make a note of the symptoms and look up on the internet to try and see what could be wrong and what is to be done. Simple things like hey fever is very simple thing that i can handle myself without having to disturb my wife. I order all the medications that we use at home online and get them delivered home. I buy the multi vitamins that my wife has ordered as well as my cialis too online. There are no rushing visits to the chemist. We keep a stock of all the medicines that we are likely to need for ourselves as well as for our children. I order small lots so that the stocks remain fresh all the time.

Sometimes during the day or lunch time i say hi to my wife online on chat when she is in her office and thus internet helps keep our romance alive.