Frequently Asked Question About Cialis

A lot of questions has been raised concerning the use of Cialis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and today we want to clear the air by answering the five most frequently asked questions for those who haven’t used the drugs and having some form of doubt. If you are ready, what are we waiting for?

Frequently Asked Question About Cialis

Question 1: Does Cialis lower blood pressure?

Yes, it can but to unsafe levels at times. The drug works by pushing blood through the penile area and reducing the rate of blood flowing back. There might be a feeling of fainting or dizziness when the pressure drops. In severe cases, the person may experience a heart attack or stroke. This severe case is common with people who take nitrate medication, exceeded the dosage recommended, or an antiquity of heart problems. As always advised, seek a medical opinion before using such pills.

Question 2: How does Cialis Work?

Yes, it does work for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. The signs associated with erectile dysfunction include not achieving a full erection, low sexual desire, too quick orgasm, and the inability to sustain an erection for a longer period. Cialis works by the rousing of nitric oxide production. This action ensures the blood vessels in the reproductive organ of men are not only relaxed but also the vasodilation of the blood veins. This allows the blood to flow within the blood vessels and hinder the fast flowing back of the blood. This helps the individual to reach a firmer and long lasting erection.

Question 3: Are there side effects of Cialis?

This is one of the series of frequently asked questions concerning the usage of Cialis. People want to know if there will be another problem created while trying to solve one. It is important to note that Cialis comes with side effects and interactions with other medications. The side effects are dependent on different factors such as the strength of the pill, underlying medical conditions, and the number of times the drug is used. Interactions might occur for those with blood pressure and heart-related conditions. The popular side effects of this drug include stuffy nose, muscle pain, back pain, headache, fast heart rate, abnormal vision, and prolonged erections. If these signs control for a longer time, consult your doctor.

Question 4: What is the amount of Cialis to take?

Different factors will determine how much to take and this will be prescribed by the discretion of the physician or doctor. For those with the severe erectile dysfunctional issue, a higher dosage will be required when compared to those with the mild condition. Another factor is how frequently does the person indulge in sexual activity. However, the standard dose is 10mg but can be improved after careful examination by a doctor. The pills shouldn’t be taken without food and not more than once. Don’t exceed the dosage unless advised by a doctor or use other erectile dysfunction medication with it.

Question 5: How long does Cialis last?

Finally, in this frequently asked questions article is this question from most men. The drug comes in tablet form and available in 20mg, 10mg, 5mg, and 2.5mg. The effectiveness will depend on the need for the treatment. The maintenance dose is 2.5mg and 5mg respectively. After the intake of the pill, the effect might be experienced after 30 minutes and remains active for two and a half day.