Common Inception of Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

According to various urologists and sexologists, individuals who are suffering from any kind of symptoms of diabetes are highly prone to develop erectile dysfunction. The situation is so serious that many of the doctors have also stated that a person who has been suffering from diabetic conditions for a considerable time are in a grave danger as they are 60 percent certain and more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction as well, compared to their other healthy and fit counterparts. If we talk about the inception of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men, there too, we might find traces of diabetes; since, according to Dr.Stephen Wellington who is a leading urologist from the University of California, if a person was about to experience erectile dysfunction at the age of 55, then the mere presence of diabetes will fasten it up and it might be possible that he will get the first hint at the age of 40 or even 35.

Type 2 Diabetes

This diabetes and erectile dysfunction have become so interlinked that it has become easy to predict the emergence of the one from the seriousness of the other. This can be proved from the fact that most of the urologists and sexologists have agreed that the symptoms of erectile dysfunction among thee men who are in their 40s, are an indication and initial warning against the future emergence of diabetes and other life style diseases.

Although all these statistics might gloom you and depress you to the core, yet, there is a ray of hope which might ultimately rejoice you. It is possible the either ED might prompt diabetes or the other way round; but the ultimate good news is that the treatment of diabetes and erectile dysfunction is some what similar and if you are on a medical regimen of diabetes, it will unknowingly cure most of your symptoms of erectile dysfunction and other sexual diseases.

Connecting Erectile Dysfunction and Type 2 Diabetes

If you were about to see some where that erectile dysfunction and diabetes are inter linked, you will obviously get baffled and confused. Ag the first sight, it is normal for any person to bluff off the idea of inter linking both erectile dysfunction and diabetes to a single bun of thread. But, the fact is that the abnormally high levels of blood sugar will ultimately lead to the emergence of erectile dysfunction and various other sexual disorders. And to cement this fact, a leading men's magazine known as the Men's Health has stated that about 70 percent to 80 percent of the male population who are the victims of diabetes, will also be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

This inter relationship between erectile dysfunction can be established with the mere source of diabetes and ED. We all know that erectile dysfunction is a disease which is caused due to the improper functioning of the blood vessels and other veins in the body. Similarly, due to diabetes, the blood sugar levels experiences abnormal fluctuations due to which the inner lining of the blood vessels get extremely affected. And since, the blood vessels in the pelvic region are very thin and small, hence blood cannot flow into the penis properly, thus leading to erectile dysfunction.