Anatomy of a Penile Erection

In most cases & for most of the men, getting an erection is just a natural process and he need not apply much of effort for the purpose of getting it. But getting an erection and the amount of erection is one thing and maintaining an erection in the penis is another. A number of emotional and physical factors go into the process of getting & maintaining an erection, long enough, to sexually satisfy you and your partner while having a sexual intercourse. And when one of these factors does not function in the way it should, it results in an erectile dysfunction

Anatomy Of An Erect Penis

A penis is constituted of three main structures which are-

1) Corpora cavernosa: It is the part of the penis which is filled with a sponge like tissue which tends to extend over the full length of penis

2) Corpus spongiosum: It is the middle portion of the penis which tends to house the urethra, which happens to be the tip or the end of the penis used by the man for the purpose of ejaculation or urination.

3) Tunica albuginea: It is the membrane which covers & protects corpora cavernosa.

4) Apart from the above three parts, there is an immense network of veins, arteries, muscles and tissues which run through the penis allowing it to get filled with blood causing it to stiffen, giving a great erection

A man tends to achieve an erection due to the sensation of stimulation, which arises as a result of rubbing and touching of the penis or on thinking or seeing of something exciting and sexually stimulating. And in case of this stimulation, the brain takes control of the muscles and works along with the nerve endings present in the penis causing it to send a message of relaxation which results in increasing the amount of blood which flows through the arteries and veins in the penis. This excessive flow of blood leads to a creation of pressure which is supported by tunica albuginea, creating & holding erection of the penis. And while this happens, the testicles release the hormone which goes by the name of testosterone which plays a crucial role in deciding the firmness of the erection and the time it happens. And this erection withers away when the penile muscles tighten to stop the blood flow in the penis-usually happens post orgasm or lack of stimulation

What Is The Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction usually happens on account of many reasons ranging from poor circulation, to bad nerve sensitivity and even slowed heart rate, low testosterone levels and blood flow problems. And the above reasons might be due to the neurological problem. Neurological problem affects the messages being sent between the brain and the penile nerves. Also, sometimes on account of taking medicines, the communication might be affected, or blood flow or circulation might be affected making it difficult for getting an erection. Apart from this, an erection might be affected as a result of psychological issues like fear, depression, fear, anxiety etc. Thus to treat an erectile dysfunction, one needs to consult a doctor to find out a problem, break it and solve it.