An Exposition of the Myths and Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

Talk of erectile dysfunction and you will be talking about a very serious issue amongst men. The seeming inability among these men to perform in bed is certainly a big deal that not only leads to a number of relationships being ruined; it can also lead to emotional and mental trauma among its victims. Quite a number of the victims are known to consult medical experts with a view to remediating the situation while a whole host of others simply does not owe to the stigma associated with it. One thing that however makes it quite challenging for those who suffer from this challenge to go and consult for help is the many myths that are attached to erectile dysfunction, and this is why we have decided to carry out an X-Ray of some of the myths.

Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is only for the old

There is no doubt to the fact that erectile dysfunction mainly affects the aged, however, what many fail to realize is the fact that it can also affect the young. Research shows that erectile dysfunction can be categorized into three basic categories namely: the young men who are within the age bracket of between their mid-twenties to their late thirties. More often than not, these young men are faced with the difficulty of having to consummate their marriages as a result of ED which may be as a result of the paucity of sexual experience or the lack of masturbatory experience, other reasons for this could also be stress, as well as the anxiety that comes with being a first timer in the game. Other possible reasons for this could also be societal pressures on young men who may be suffering from same. In the event of this situation, some measure of counselling as well as therapy would certainly go a long way in remediating the situation.

The second category of men would be those who are within the age range of forty to sixty who may have never had the challenge of erectile dysfunction before but as they aged, they began to experience symptoms of this challenge. They are either unable to outrightly attain an erection or when they do, it is simply quite feeble. One of the major causes of this situation is certainly diabetes which is a quite common issue at this age.

The third group features men who are between the ages of the sixties and over who usually do not contact a doctor for erectile dysfunction challenges but for challenges that are related to the prostate gland. More investigations into this, however, reveal that age may have caught up with this category of people and as such may have adversely affected their sexual functionality. In summary, erectile dysfunction can certainly affect all age groups.

Could masturbation be the cause of erectile dysfunction?

There is a school of taught that when one engages in excessive masturbation, it could lead to erectile dysfunction, however, this is not really the case as it is expected of every healthy man to ejaculate when masturbating or engaging in the real act. One thing you should know is the fact that masturbation is not the cause of ED or impotence.