Alcohol consumption and its effects on Erectile Dysfunction

If a man suffers from the problem of erectile dysfunctions, it can have a whole series of causes. Of course, age plays a role. Research has shown that men over age 40 produce increasingly less testosterone, which can cause erectile dysfunction and reduce sperm fertility. Other risk factors for erectile dysfunction include rare genetic defects, accidents or surgery, and last but not least, those risk factors that are now blamed for many civilization diseases. Alcohol can calcify the arteries, inhibit blood flow to the penis, and prevent erections and other dangerous complications such as strokes and heart attacks.

Alcohol Effects

Alcohol abuse is widespread

Over-consumption of alcohol is considered an important risk factor for increasing impotence. As per the research by the health experts, consumption of alcohol is increasing for years, and extensive abuse has not been ruled out.

But what is excessive alcohol consumption? Experts say, about 20 grams of alcohol a day tolerable, a tolerable amount that man easily tolerates and may even have some positive influences on the organism. So the glass of wine in the evening supports the circulation and the heart function, half a liter of beer as well.

Of course, as the studies prove, many men exceed this quantity many times a day. The result is also erectile dysfunction. But these occur only after years, initially, alcohol acts stimulating and sexually activating. However, that changes quickly and very soon the drinker suffers from a decay of his bodily functions.

How alcohol damages the potency

Alcohol as a classic neurotoxin damages the fine result of the nerve cords. It eventually kills the nerve cells, especially in the brain. By such dying, the excitation lines of the nerve tracts are disturbed sensitive, eventually, the transmission of signals is permanently disturbed and erectile dysfunction occurs.

In addition, excess alcohol interferes with the hormonal balance and lowers the level of testosterone that is so important for healthy potency. This does not only suffer the ability to achieve an erection but the entire libido, the pleasure, and sexual desire can be.

Impact on sexuality

The effects described above also occur in the area of sexuality. For many people, sexuality is fear-filled, with men fear of failure, with women in the foreground of fears of penetration.

In that sense, you could say that alcohol is good for sexuality. If the depressing effect is still low, but the euphoric, anxiety-free and anti-inflammatory effects are already strong, sexuality is often experienced as positive. However, the problem is that even in low dosages alcohol starts to have a dampening effect and not an ideal prerequisite for pleasure. With increasing the dose, this depressive effect further increases and the sexual sensitivity with it decreases.

However, men who have alcohol problems can be helped. Inpatient withdrawal under medical supervision, subsequent care and assistance in everyday life and not least the visit of self-help groups can effectively treat and eliminate the problem. Once the alcohol consumption is directed into normal, tolerable pathways, the sexual desire increases again and the man can return to his natural role without erectile dysfunction.