If you are having any problems with your erection, then try Cialis, which is an effective impotency drug. With a single pill of Cialis, you can have immense sexual pleasure with your partner.

Drug usage

Cialis works by relaxing the muscles in the penis region. Once the muscles are relaxed, more blood flows into the region, which means better erection. It also helps in the erection to last for longer hours.

How taken

Never buy Cialis on your own. Always consult the doctor before buying cialis. Care should be taken that you do not take larger amounts of Cialis. The drug can be taken with or without food. The drug can be taken 30 minutes ahead of any sexual activity. Only one cialis pill has to be taken a day and you should have to note that there should be a gap of 24 hours between two dosages.

Missed dose/overdose

No one can miss a dose of Cialis as those who love to have that extra pleasure with their partner only use it. In case you have taken more of the drug, you may come across various symptoms like nausea, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, light-headedness and fainting. If you come across any of these overdose symptoms, never delay in calling the doctor.

More Information

Once your doctor has decided to provide you Cialis, you should never hide from him any of your allergies and also your health problems. Discuss with your physician of you have any of the following health issues: heart disease, recent heart attack, heart rhythm problems, stroke, congestive heart failure, angina, high/low pressure, Kidney/liver issues, blood cell problems, bleeding disorders, retinitis pigmentosa and Peyronie's disease.


Never take Cialis if you are using any nitrate filled medicines as it can lead to a decrease of the blood pressure to dangerous levels. While taking Cialis, there are chances that you may have problems with your vision. Some people have experienced sudden vision loss but it is not yet known if cialis is the real reason for the sudden vision loss. Those people who experienced such a condition were those who were diabetic or had high blood pressure or had vision problems earlier.

While taking Cialis, avoid alcohol as it can only increase the risk of side effects. You should also give up grape fruits and grape juice while taking Cialis.

Side effects

The allergic reactions that come with Cialis include hives, swelling (lips, tongue, mouth, throat) and breathing difficulty.

While using Cialis, you may also come across serious side effects including sudden vision and hearing loss, ringing in ears, chest pain, pain spreading to arms or shoulders, sweating, ill feeling, nausea, irregular heartbeat and seizures. If you find any of these side effects, stop Cialis and consult the doctor.

Some people may experience longer erections that may last for more than four hours. In this case, you have to contact the doctor immediately as longer erections can damage the penis.

The lesser-known side effects include stuffy nose, warmth in face/neck/chest, sore throat, diarrhoea, headache, upset stomach, back and muscles pains.

Treatment of Erectile dysfunction through medicines

There are two things which a person needs to do if he wants to be healthy in future. The first thing is to start doing healthy activities so that his body remains active. Moreover, the continuous movement of body in exercises and other healthy activities help it to improve its performance. The second thing need to do is to visit doctor’s clinic regularly. You can meet with your family doctor once in a week or month for complete medical checkup. A complete medical checkup allows the doctor to know about your body fitness and health condition. Some necessary tests give doctor an idea about the health problems you are suffering from. The diagnosis of health problem at initial stage enables the doctor to treat the person in a better way. There are many health problems which are very common in people and many people are aware of their treatment. Cough, flu, nausea are those problems which can be treated at extreme stage. But some health problems need treatment from their initial stage and it is only possible when a doctor diagnose it. Cancer, AIDS, Liver or Kidney problem come in the category of such medical problems. So if you are having medical problems very frequently, then you must start doing healthy exercises. Moreover, a healthy diet is necessary too in order to maintain good health.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the sexual problem in men. Different sexual problems are faced by different people but most of them can be cured but here I am going to talk about erectile dysfunction which can only be treated not cured. There are many victims of erectile dysfunction and its victims cannot have sex with female like a normal man. In a normal man, the penis gets erection when the person becomes sexually excited or thinks about anything that sexually stimulates him. It does not happen in a person who is suffering from erectile dysfunction. As the name of this sexual problem suggests, the affected man cannot get his penile erection back. You may not know that penile erection is dependent on blood flow through penile arteries. And this blood flow is controlled by a special enzyme. The person who is facing difficulty in getting erection should use those medicines which can enhance the activity of this enzyme. When we talk about such medicines, then three names come in our mind i.e. Cialis, Levitra and Viagra. Levitra and Viagra are most commonly used medicines by the affected people. They are available in different doses in market. If you are a victim of erectile dysfunction and want to get erection, then you should talk to your doctor first. Obviously, he will suggest you any of these three medicines but he will also tell you which dose will be better for your body. Selection of right dose is very important and it can be done only by a professional and experienced doctor. Do not take overdose in order

Cialis vs. erectile dysfunction

Cialis vs. erectile dysfunctionThose medicines which are used mostly in the world have a great demand due to their action. There are many medicines which are used for the treatment of sexual problems. Erectile dysfunction has become the main sexual problem of men.


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Cialis: The weekend pill

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Best Foods for a better erection

Best Foods for a better erectionEating healthy means building a healthy body and a healthy body means good erection. Vegetables, fresh fruits, seafood, grains, nuts and beans are considered to be good for increasing the blood flow.


Stress and erectile dysfunction and impotence

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